Lions in Kenya, a stop during the Abercrombie and Kent Private Jet Wildlife Safari

Abercrombie & Kent private jet wildlife safari 2022:
Safari in the sky


With their recently announced private jet wildlife safari, the adventure artisans at Abercrombie & Kent have launched an all-out, around-the-world journey playing right into the latest travel trends and promising magical encounters with the world’s most elusive wildlife in its natural habitat.

Ever dreamt of following in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and traversing the world in eighty days? Turns out there’s a way to fast-track the trip, and it’s arguably more deluxe, too: spanning a total of 23 nights, Abercrombie & Kent’s aptly-named Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet gives a small group of high-flying voyagers the chance to embark on the journey of a lifetime, stopping everywhere from the Philippines to Madagascar and beyond. What’s the inspiration behind the adventure, you ask? Only to spot the world’s rarest wildlife and get exclusive, invitation-only access to experts responsible for landmark conservation efforts in their respective destinations – think of them as off-screen Attenboroughs, ready to answer all your burning questions on lemurs, sun bears, orang-utans, you name it!

Unlike some operators, that have been cautious about introducing new travel itineraries in recent months, Abercrombie & Kent are launching the epic private jet wildlife safari with confidence; a smart move, if you ask us. Our 2021 trends report indicated that there is unprecedented interest among OutThere readers to embark on out-of-this-world adventures post-Covid, a development we attribute not least to a change of motives behind why travellers take to the skies. Tourism is becoming less about simply seeing the world, and more about experiencing it, with a focus on privacy, space and learning – and you bet that includes challenging the onboard Photo Enrichment Coach to a mini ‘wildlife photographer of the trip’ competition!

Keen to learn about the itinerary? So were we. A&K’s cross-continental expedition kicks off with an encounter with Japan’s iconic snow monkeys, before continuing with a dive in search of whale sharks off the coast of Cebu, a safari to track down India’s Bengal tigers and a trek to come face to face with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda… amongst other stops, that is. In between rendezvous with the animal kingdom, travellers can look forward to a myriad of opportunities to make up for all the cultural immersion and magic missed during the pandemic. Some experiences are private, including a torchlit feast in a Ranthambore amphitheatre, while others are decidedly not, such as an intimate dining ceremony with a Tokyo geisha. And in case you were wondering, accommodation beats your average tent in the bush, too: safari-goers will bed down at the top addresses in each destination, from The Peninsula Tokyo (which is simply fabulous, take it from us) to Wilderness Safaris’ Bisate Lodge in Rwanda and Kenya’s out-of-the-way Angama Mara – there’s also A&K’s custom Boeing 757, a luxurious retreat in its own right.

Granted, the future of luxury travel isn’t chiseled in stone, and it’s constantly debated in our industry. But for what it’s worth, we believe it revolves around transformative opportunities that foster meaning and connection, be it with nature, wildlife or local communities. A&K’s private jet wildlife safari certainly delivers on this, and on so much more, too. Should you find yourself on this most deluxe and limitless of air-cruises (lucky you!), make sure to take a good look in the mirror upon completing the adventure. You might have returned home a new man.

Photography courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent and via Unsplash

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