Photography lessons in the Eternal City


“It’s no surprise that Fellini chose Rome to film La Dolce Vita in. Every corner of the ‘Eternal City’ is a movie set, so it’s no wonder filmmakers have used the Italian capital as a dramatic backdrop to their epic tales.”

Rome photography

Walking the picturesque streets of Rome is like walking through a living museum. And if its walls, ruins and cobblestones could talk, they would tell you a million stories. Rome is experiential in every sense of the word, even at face value – millennia of history collide with Italian culture, past present and future. And for those with the resolve to sift through modern-day tourism, to pull back the curtains on its theatrical and dramatic past and to learn about its people and how they’re creating their own stories for future generations … Rome will reward you with magic. OutThere’s Martin Perry spends a few days in the city, camera in hand and to make his own history.

Photography by Martin Perry

Rome photography

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