The spa at Le Massif Courmayeur, Italy
Photography courtesy of Le Massif Courmayeur

Le Massif:
Getting fruity

With veganism being all the rage these days, bathing in asses’ milk in the pursuit of eternal youth is now a complete no-no. Which might account for why at Le Massif – Courmayeur’s five-star ski hotel in the Italian Alps – they’ve turned their attention to wild fruit. We weren’t sure, to begin with, whether it was actually an opulent (and Instagram-baiting) oversized fruit bowl in the property’s spa (the hotel does pride itself on all-out luxury, after all), but we soon learnt that the ‘wild-fruit bath’ is a treatment on offer as part of the property’s renewed wellness programme. After a long day out on the slopes, wind-chapped skiers like us can indulge in the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and, being vitamin-rich, 100% natural and preservative-free, the hydrating and soothing blueberry bioflavonoids made our tans glow. We smelt good enough to eat too. If getting fruity just isn’t your thing, the hotel also offers some other locally inspired, new-age therapies, such as forest bathing and Alpine-stone massages.

Photography courtesy of Le Massif