Clark Harding

105 Lincoln, Marfa, Texas, USA

105 Lincoln
Marfa, Texas ,USA

This gay-owned, upgraded, private homestay isn’t our typical luxury hotel experience, but it certainly added a fabulous, unique dimension to our visit to Marfa...
Hotel Saint George, Marfa, Texas, USA

Hotel Saint George
Marfa, Texas, USA

If art and 20th-century minimalism are characteristic of Marfa, the Hotel Saint George personifies the town perfectly. After all, the independent property feat...
Via Rail, Canada

Via Rail

We love travelling by luxury train. There’s just something so ultimately romantic about gliding through rugged countryside in absolute comfort. Great train jou...
Land cruise, Canada

Land cruise

It's North America but it's not as he knows it. Clark Harding cruises his way through Canada, from coast to coast, without going off the rails. It’s...
National Geographic Explorer, Antarctica

National Geographic Explorer

The Explorer is literally the flagship of two National Geographic exploration crafts sailing the Southern ice, equipped to safely navigate the polar waters and...
Marfa, Texas, USA

Not just deserts
Marfa, Texas, USA

Clark Harding discovers that Marfa is not your average Texan town. I still maintain it was a Poodle… I’m driving through El Paso just after sunse...

The Overview Effect

It is New Year’s Eve and I am deep in the middle of a scopolamine disco nap. I had put the anti-nausea patch behind my ear when we sailed past Cape Horn, headed...

Clark Harding

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