Children of the revolution
Madrid, Spain


The inside track

Luís Martí

Luís Martí, Madrid, Spain

Luís is Director of Business Development for MATEO&CO, one of Spain’s leading strategic consultancy firms for branding, marketing and communications, specialising in food and gastronomy. Alongside the agency’s Founder, Patricia Mateo, Luis runs the monthly pop-up food truck market, MADREAT.

“Madrid is an extremely open-minded and welcoming city, eclectic and diverse. It really is a melting pot of cultures, traditions and in our case, inspiring kitchens. I find it exciting to be part of this newfound energy in Madrid, one that is comparable to the world’s most creative cities. We wanted to create a space where locals and visitors alike could get a taste of the best that Madrid has to offer, not just in cooking, but also in spirit. We also wanted to create a test-base, a space to support young cooks and foodie entrepreneurs of the future, so that this legacy of creativity lives on.”