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Chef Kwong Wai Keong of the Langham Hong Kong T'ang Court shares his secret dumpling recipe

The Langham Hong Kong:
Hail the dumpling master

The #Experientialist’s longing for some authentic Hong Kong dim sum was answered today by the folk at The Langham, Hong Kong. In an ‘unprecedented’ (yes, we used the word) move from the luxury stalwart’s kitchen, award-winning master chef Kwong Wai Keung of the hotel’s three-Michelin starred T’ang Court restaurant is revealing his secret to making his lauded, traditional southern Chinese shrimp dumplings (first founded in Guangzho), said to be the world’s ‘silkiest mouthful.’


Photography courtesy of The Langham, Hong Kong

Watch Chef Kwong’s step-by-step video below.

Michelin-starred Chef Kwong of T’ang Court, The Langham, Hong Kong shares his secret shrimp dumpling recipe