Exterior of Feadship Escape Superyacht

Feadship super-yacht:
Escape to the future


World-leading Dutch superyacht and pleasurecraft builders, Feadship unveils its designs for its latest build, Escape. It offers next-level luxury on the water, featuring unique and cutting edge embellishments to embrace the concepts of freedom and sustainability; and elevates private super-yachting on the high seas up to the next big luxury travel trend.

With travel coming to a bit of a pause, the discussion turns once again to what the “future of travel holds.” With uncertainty back in the driving (yachting, or flying) seat in the travel industry, we’re all looking into our crystal balls again, trying to predict what comes next. There has been many a conversation about transformative, ultra-experiential and sustainable travel. And to add to this, there has been a small, but vocal corner of the industry that is holding up private yachting as the answer, asking us to embrace the wide-open spaces that the earth’s oceans give us; not to mention travel that is relatively ungoverned by the uncertainties over whether borders are open and other such pandemic-time directives.

So you can imagine our excitement when we heard about ‘Escape’, the next generation – no – the ‘now’ generation (designs are complete and ready to build), of luxury yachting from Dutch shipbuilders Feadship. The 110-metre superyacht features a sleek, futuristic exterior; just the tip of the iceberg (sorry, maybe not the best of analogies), to the surprises that are onboard.

The stylish and super sleek exterior of Feadship’s ‘Escape’ is overshadowed by the spectacular, seawater ‘moon pool’ that provides an all-round view of the underwater world. It comes complete with a glass elevator (eat your heart out, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) to get you up close and personal with marine life. And like something out of a sci-fi movie, the pool doubles as a submarine landing zone, to enable even deeper ocean-exploration.

Up top, a sustainable greenhouse allows owners to grow their own herbs and vegetables; meaning that plant-based or vegetarian-leaning eaters can stay at sea for weeks on end. And should you need to stretch your sea legs, myCopter (a personal drone-tech helicopter) can take to the sky when needed. The yacht will feature 700 square metres of solar panelling, which is an amazing innovation for a craft of this size. It is part of an armoury of energy-efficient innovations, including hybrid propulsion and an enthalpy wheel that mimics a geothermal air conditioning system, using the ships own exhaust and waste heat. They’re calling it ‘Breathe’.

None of this, of course, is at the expense of abject luxury. You can expect the yacht to deliver on all modern and future conveniences as standard. Is there a holodeck of Star Trek fame? We wouldn’t be surprised if there is, but we’ll leave you to ask that of Feadship when you place your order. Price on application.


Photography courtesy of Feadship

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