Peshegaar House Homestay
Anegundi, India


We found out about the Kishkinda Trust in our efforts to seek out sustainable travel experiences in the Hampi area. Admittedly, it came up as one of the more comfortable and luxurious places to stay in the area too. We didn’t really like the idea of bedding down in Hampi itself, the thought of staying on what locals call ‘Backpacker Island’ sent a shiver through us. But we’re glad we made the choice we did, from the moment we arrived we were taken care of like family, or royalty even.

Our cottage, Peshegaar is a beautiful, old, heritage home with six bedrooms, outside dining area and roof terrace (watch your food, there are packs of maurauding monkeys ready to shortchange you of a mango or two). Its location, a short walk away from the main Uramma compound meant that we could interact with locals, many of whom knew us well by the end of four night’s stay. Don’t expect the Four Seasons, Peshegaar keeps it real. Beds are firm, you’ll need to light a mosquito coil and there’s no air conditioning. But for a truly authentic and experiential Hampi experience, any of Uramma’s properties will do the trick. The freshly prepared vegetarian cuisine was also wonderful, each meal a buffet of mouthwatering local delicacies. The highlight? The in-house team made out of villagers, happy to help in whatever way they can.

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