The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, NYC, USA

The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown:
Mama knows best


If like us, you kicked off 2020 with the resolution to experience a more holistic way of travelling this year, we’ve got some excellent news for you.

The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown has announced an exciting wellness collaboration with spiritual healer Deborah Hanekamp, better known as Mama Medicine – though when it comes to nicknames, Hanekamp, who has 17 years of experience in pioneering restorative treatments under her belt, was also named ‘Fashion’s Favourite Healer’ by Vogue, which we find has a certain ring to it.

The collaboration is the latest move by the Four Seasons’ spa, which has safely positioned itself among the most innovative spaces to wind down in the Big Apple, a result, no doubt, of the 2018 launched Resident Healer Program. Having joined the program, Mama Medicine will be drawing from a set of the world’s most ancient, holistic traditions, providing spiritual (and, if you ask us, highly Instagrammable) flower baths alongside Medicine Readings to the Four Seasons’ guests and residents – they also accept bookings from visitors, but we’d really recommend staying at the hotel.

What, you haven’t heard of Medicine Readings? They’re only NYC’s latest healing technique craze, rooted in the idea of empowering customers to help themselves while reclining on a heavenly bed of heated amethyst and black tourmaline crystals, with Mama Medicine encouraging a process of reflection and emotional release. Now, it’s not every day that we go to bed with a woman, but seeing fashion’s favourite wellness treatment involves crystal singing bowls, musical accents and herbal scents, the sessions with Hanekamp are just the kind of self-help we like: we’ll be happy to make an exception.

Photography courtesy of The Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

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