Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, USA

Natural Habitat Adventures:
Heroes of zero

America’s national parks are stunning and one of our favourites is the epic Yellowstone, a 3,500-sq-mile wilderness wonderland held in check by a volcanic hotspot. It is sadly also one of the most over-touristed areas of the US and we were astounded to hear what impact the average visitor has on the ecosystem in terms of waste. Fortunately, sustainable-nature travel specialists Natural Habitat Adventures got us thinking differently. They wanted to show us that a zero-waste trip was absolutely possible, challenging us and showing us how to ‘divert’ (that means reducing, recycling, upcycling, reusing or composting) 99% of all our on-trip rubbish (or trash or garbage, if you will) into a single jamjar-size container. The company’s amazing, guided adventure through this formidable landscape really put things into perspective, prompting us to consider how much we take for granted and motivating us to bring the ethos home and make conscious choices in our everyday lives and how we travel.

Natural Habitat Adventures