Stockholm, Sweden


With Nordic cool having taken over the world by storm in recent years, the Swedish capital now emits a sense of style no less distinctive than that of London or Paris. And yet, Stockholm’s fashion remains perfectly effortless.

01 – 02Striped blue shirt and blue jeans: Nudie Jeans
03Charcoal jeans: Filippa K
04Stonewash jeans: Acne Studios
05Cream polo neck sweater and black swear: Tuss
Dusty blue trousers: Nudie Jeans
Black duffle bag: Cheap Monday
06Red sweater, purple trousers and green scarf: Filippa K
Black canvas sneakers: Cheap Monday
07Blue hat: Nudie Jeans
Mid-blue Oxford shirt: Schnayderman’s
Navy oilskin raincoat: Stutterheim
08Blue jeans: Orjan Anderson
Black Wellington boots: Stutterheim
09Black pocket shirt and purple scarf: Filippa K
10 – 12White t-shirt: Komerse
Blue jeans: Nudie Jeans
Black military boots: Cheap Monday
Black hat: Tuss
Green scarf: Filippa K
13Stonewash jeans: Nudie Jeans

Photography: David Edwards

Styling: David Hawkins

Art direction: Martin Perry

Model: Erik Ahlmark at Elite

Shot on location in Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Special thanks to Snickerbacken 7