Swedish Lapland, Sweden

Off the Map Travel:
High lights


Dream of mingling with the stars? A pioneering new travel experience in Swedish Lapland is set to raise the bar for night sky aficionados with a truly elevated Arctic adventure.

The brainchild of Off the Map Travel, it’s dubbed as the next big highlight in Aurora Borealis tourism – and the northern lights-loving bunch we are, we can see why: in fact, we’ll be first in line to hop aboard Off the Map’s hot air balloon and ascend to a height of 40 metres into the Arctic sky.

Though the mystical lights are of course somewhat elusive and sightings can never be guaranteed, we simply can’t think of a better place to look out for them than the sky itself – plus, our feet will thank us for not standing in the snow whilst we await the heavenly spectacle above.

The exclusive experience for up to six people will take off from December 2020 and running through April 2021, with daytime ballooning expeditions available, too (be a shame not to take in some sights of the winter wonderland of Gunnarsbyn below, if you ask us!). It’s fully customizable, too: think snowmobile trips around the Råneå River Valley, an overnight stay in the Aurora Safari tepee camp and lunch on the highest named latitude on Earth – the Arctic Circle.


Photography courtesy of Lapland Ballooning

Off the Map Travel

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