You’ll find this piece of just off-the-strip luxury in the heart of the brand new and bustling city center complex, tucked away in a private oasis of gentle serenity and service. It seems like a contradiction in terms for the global zen-like Mandarin Oriental to have a property in Sin City, Nevada, but it’s all there. The Mandarin Oriental house style, where Asian decor blends with classic contemporary is evident, on-point and true to brand, yet feeling sincere and authentic. And the rooms were spacious, luxurious and well thought out. We loved the touchscreen control panels and technology, allowing you to plug-in or zone-out as you feel fit.

Despite its 392 rooms, this place ispretty much a boutique hotel, compared with the Strip’s multiplexes. It’s tradition in Las Vegas to be completely over the top and dressed to impress. This place does all those things, but without any of the unsavoury adult-Disneyland thing going on. Also, this property doesn’t feature a casino, some may see this to be a turn off for the Las Vegas regulars, but what it did mean was no whizz-bangs, or incessant beeping, allowing you to play out if you must and come back through the doors and chillax.