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There’s no doubt that what we eat has a profound effect on our wellness. Six Senses, the global brand of authentically mindful hotels, resorts and spas knows this and as part of their ongoing conversation or ‘Six Senses wellness stories’, are helping us focus on how our diets link to wellbeing. Expect advice, recipes and the occasional surprisingly indulgent treat.

Here’s some literal food for thought as we spend more time than ever at home and the usually indulgent festive period lies ahead. Our diets are arguably the most crucial thing that affects our long-term health, particularly when it comes to our moods. While physical exercise and mindfulness feed into the formula, all the evidence suggests that a considered diet nourishes both brawn and brain. After all, food is what gives us the energy and ability to exercise and can affect how we sleep and even socialise, so it is easy to understand how eating well contributes to living well. And if you want to get deep into the science of functional medicine, as 80% of our immune system is contained in our gastrointestinal workings, even the way we combat disease is related to digestion.

When it comes to mood, the commonly used terms of “hangry” and “comfort food” goes far to tell us how the way we feel is so tied to what we eat. Food can spark joy, it can even evoke memories. Indulgence can create guilt and fasting irritability.

We know what you’re thinking – here comes a healthy eating ‘claxon’ – “cabbage-soup diet for all!” But really, eating to uplift your mood doesn’t mean having to compromise on taste and ’emotional eating’ doesn’t have to be negative. Our friends at Six Senses agree.

Much of the Six Senses wellness stories on their website is all about food, and we’re inspired. The articles and videos posted there range from discussions on micro-nutrients; to energy and hydration; to fantastic recipes from their resorts around the world that prove you can eat well, yet eat indulgently. Breakfast in Koh Yao Noi brings an age-defying bowl of granola, butterfly pea and aloe vera. Lunch from Fiji is a wholesome, gut-flushing chunk of sourdough bread, topped with a basil-lemon labneh. Dinner is a mushroom consommé from Bhutan, that swears to boost your immune system against colds and flu.

Moreover, it all looks and sounds pretty delicious too and just thinking about it has already stimulated our neurotransmitters and happy hormones! But wait until you get the chance to try them on-resort. We guarantee that would be joy like no other.

Photography courtesy of Six Senses Hotels, Resorts and Spas

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