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Walk the line
Leysdown, United Kingdom

Our hairstylist had perhaps the toughest job out of everyone on set during our fashion shoot in the windy, seaside town of Leysdown, England – but the hard work has paid off.

01Long coat: Kris Van Assche
Trousers, shirt, waistcoat and boots: John Varvatos
Hat: Laird London
02Knitted top and blazer: John Varvatos
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
03Denim jacket and jeans: BLK DNM
Shirt: Just Cavalli
Boots: John Varvatos
04Suit: Richard James
Shirt: Dior
Boots: John Varvatos
05Three-piece suit, shirt and coat: Paul Smith
06Check trousers and blazer: Casely Hayford
Scarf and waistcoat: John Varvatos
07Leather jacket: BLK DNM
Shirt, jeans and boots: John Varvatos

Photography: Simon Lipman

Styling: David Hawkins at Frank Agency

Art direction: Martin Perry

Grooming: Cassie Steward

Model: Peter Mnych at AMCK

Photography assistance: Phil Hewitt

Shot on location in Leysdown, UK