Temple, London, United Kingdom


Have you heard? Our latest hobby is travelling to the future to bring back the best styles yet to come. Join us to the ME Hotel London for a lesson in style.

01 (left)Shiny grey long jacket: Lou Dalton
01 (centre, left)Matte grey jacket with pink zip and matching shorts: Kristian Steinberg
01 (centre, right)Cream jacket and matching shorts: Kristian Steinberg
Black trousers: BLK DNM
Leather jacket: Just Cavalli
02 (left)Shiny trousers: Kristian Steinberg
Top: Lou Dalton
Trainers: Louis Leeman
02 (right)Peach print shirt: Katie Eary
Shorts: Hentsch Man
Trainers: Louis Leeman
03 Dungarees: Ada + Nik
04Long black jacket and trousers: Ada + Nik
White body armour and shoes: KTZ
Necklace: Yaoyao
05 (left)Red jacket and blue trousers: Lou Dalton
05 (right)Orange top: KTZ
06White jacket and grey trousers: Berthold
White top: Lou Dalton
Glasses: KTZ
07 (left)Black smock: Ada + Nik
07 (centre)White trousers, jacket and hoodie: Lou Dalton
Leather jacket: BLK DNM
07 (right)Trousers: Karl Lagerfeld
08Shirts and shorts: Issey Miyake
09Dogtooth jacket: Kristian Steinberg
Hoodie: Christopher Raeburn
10Blue hooded jacket: Berthold

Photography: Simon Lipman

Styling: David Hawkins at Frank Agency

Art direction: Martin Perry

Hair: Ben Hards and Jordan Leigh

Make-up: Cassie Steward

Models: Dennis Nyero Okwera, Borja and Rui Costa at AMCK

Jacob Dyson at Elite

Carlos Ferra at Established

Barney at Milk

Asa at Next

Photography assistance: Sofi Adams

Styling assistance: Rachel Pearce

Shot on location at ME London, London, UK