Future now
London, United Kingdom


Have you heard? Our latest hobby is travelling to the future to bring back the best styles yet to come. Join us to the ME Hotel London for a lesson in style.

01 (left)Shiny grey long jacket: Lou Dalton
01 (centre, left)Matte grey jacket with pink zip and matching shorts: Kristian Steinberg
01 (centre, right)Cream jacket and matching shorts: Kristian Steinberg
Black trousers: BLK DNM
Leather jacket: Just Cavalli
02 (left)Shiny trousers: Kristian Steinberg
Top: Lou Dalton
Trainers: Louis Leeman
02 (right)Peach print shirt: Katie Eary
Shorts: Hentsch Man
Trainers: Louis Leeman
03 Dungarees: Ada + Nik
04Long black jacket and trousers: Ada + Nik
White body armour and shoes: KTZ
Necklace: Yaoyao
05 (left)Red jacket and blue trousers: Lou Dalton
05 (right)Orange top: KTZ
06White jacket and grey trousers: Berthold
White top: Lou Dalton
Glasses: KTZ
07 (left)Black smock: Ada + Nik
07 (centre)White trousers, jacket and hoodie: Lou Dalton
Leather jacket: BLK DNM
07 (right)Trousers: Karl Lagerfeld
08Shirts and shorts: Issey Miyake
09Dogtooth jacket: Kristian Steinberg
Hoodie: Christopher Raeburn
10Blue hooded jacket: Berthold

Photography: Simon Lipman

Styling: David Hawkins at Frank Agency

Art direction: Martin Perry

Hair: Ben Hards and Jordan Leigh

Make-up: Cassie Steward

Models: Dennis Nyero Okwera, Borja and Rui Costa at AMCK

Jacob Dyson at Elite

Carlos Ferra at Established

Barney at Milk

Asa at Next

Photography assistance: Sofi Adams

Styling assistance: Rachel Pearce

Shot on location at ME London, London, UK

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