57 Nord Scotland a boutique, Scandi-Gaelic hideaway in the Scottish Highlands

57 Nord:
Hame from hame


The extraordinary, remote hideaway that is 57 Nord, is a one-of-a-kind, escapist dream deep in the Scottish Highlands. It welcomes OutThere travellers looking to embed themselves for the winter in sublime, open-space and the wild landscapes of Scotland‘s western coastline.

Scotland has always had its own unique DNA and culture, but we’ve noticed that in recent years, it has been aligning itself more with Scandi-Gaelic charm and chic, over the traditional ‘bagpipes and haggis’ lore … and dare we say it, it is taking a step away from ‘Britishness.’

With that, a new generation of stylish places to stay are springing up, combining contemporary hospitality with the spellbinding geography of the Scottish Highlands. And as winter beckons, they’re coming into their own – think open fires in sleek contemporary wood burners and cosy tartan draped on sumptuous designer sofas, all in blissful isolation, matched with the outdoorsy, culinary and distilling (our favourite) heritage that the region is famous for.

57 Nord, Scandi-Gaelic design chic meets Scotland’s wild and dramatic landscapes

57 Nord is one such place. A boutique getaway just for two, comprising modern architectural and interiors prowess, combined with panoramic views (it’s set at the junction of three ancient sea lochs and showcases the breathtaking Kintail mountains). Designed in homage to a traditional crofter’s house, floor to ceiling windows frame the view and offers a huge dose of Gaelic zen that OutThere travellers are now calling ‘Còsagach’ (Hygge – Scottish style). Everyday life here focuses on local rituals – we liked the idea of a freshly caught crayfish cooked on an open fire, delivered by the property’s own fisherman, Duncan – but native artisanal cheeses, highland smoked salmon and as we mentioned – local peated whiskeys – also make our mouths water.

For those who have found life in lockdown pleasant, 57 Nord offers a unique opportunity to ‘work from hame’ (as they say in Scotland), taken to the very next level. We could absolutely be persuaded to do a long stay here and manage our work-life balance and discover what it’s like to live and work in a part of Britain less travelled. But even if you’re just after a bit of a taster, a few days here (our tip is to book a stay in the week, for ultimate seclusion) will do perfectly fine.

You could say it is ‘remote working’ in the most literal of senses, and you won’t be wrong. Frankly, we’re all for it.


Photography and video courtesy of 57 Nord

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