Aman Journey to peace

A path to peace in Indochina


It is said that a journey to inner peace can take a whole life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make great strides in just a few days – six, to be exact.

OutThere favourite Aman, whose Sanskrit name fittingly translates to ‘peace’, is launching a short-term retreat across four of its properties in Indochina. Set to run from October 24th through till November 28th, the ‘Journey to Peace’ experience will first descent upon Amanoi, off Vietnam’s southeast coast, before moving on to Phuket, Siem Reap and coming to a peaceful close (we hope) in Luang Prabang. Though it’s possible to participate in the entire one-month program, a regular six-night retreat should do just the trick for your inner calm – and anyway, all that border-crossing isn’t exactly our idea of blissful isolation.

Whichever location lucky visitors find themselves in, they’re in for an emotional journey guided by none other than award-winning Tibetan Buddhist monk and mindfulness coach Geshe YongDong. Sharing the ancient wisdom of the Bon Tibetan Tradition, YongDong’s daily lessons challenge anger, attachment and promote the idea of living in the moment.

Having said that, we’d argue Aman’s trademarks of timeless elegance and understated hospitality make for a relaxing stay in any case (we’re speaking from experience here). Though taking into account the retreat’s daily Tsa Lung breathwork, mantra recitations and silent meditation sessions, who wouldn’t want to take a little shortcut on the path to peace?

Photography courtesy of Aman

Aman Indochina

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