Chambers NYC

Chambers, NYC, USA


I’d describe Chambers as the discreet hideaway in the city. It’s one that’s you might easily miss as it blends right into midtown – I certainly did… walking up and down the grid on 56th street a couple of times before finally spotting its huge (and obvious) doors. To be honest, I was too busy checking out Momofuku and dreaming of its culinary delights, to realise that it’s actually in the same building! Beyond the gates to this temple of industrial chic, are loft-style NYC apartment-like rooms – admittedly bijou as compared to my usual NYC digs, but well appointed.

There are some other hipster touches, like the floor to ceiling mirror and the doodle-inducing planning-paper roll on the desk – but it doesn’t end there, its location means you’re never far from the action, and especially with the throngs of locals checking out Ma Peche and Milk Bar, you’re actually right at the heart of it.

The Chambers summises NYC, a place thatactually really comes alive at night, when the lights are low and Martini in hand, you’ll soon see past some of the imperfections you may spot in the harsh-light of day and succumb to its charms. I’m not sure if some of the retro features like actual room-keys on metal key-chains (mine broke in the door), creaky floorboards and industrial glass elevators are deliberate touches – but they added to the experience.

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