New York Edition, USA


It’s a hard gig to put your stamp on a historical building, let alone the iconic Metropolitan Life Tower, which until 1913 was the tallest and most talked about building in the world. But if anyone can do it, Ian Schraeger can.

Over a hundred years from its first unveiling, this reinvigorated building is now home to The New York Edition – a lively, minimalist and beautifully designed hotel seeped in the new generation essence of New York City, mixing fashion, finance, media and showbiz to great effect. Our room was located within one of the towers’ iconic clock tower arches, so our view of NYC was framed by history.

The room itself was calm, cool and comfortable. The lobby of the hotel is a work of art, wrapped around the building’s elevator shafts, providing a playspace for the glitterati. After all, Schraeger is credited with popularising lobby spaces and this was no doubt one popular lobby.

Our only gripe was that sometimes it was so busy it was hard for guests to get a drink and you can’t relax away from the madding crowds after a day of exploring the city, until those elevator doors close. Alas, this is NYC – the city that never sleeps – who are we to fight it?