New York City boy


Few places inspire global trends the way New York City does. The heart of the city, Manhattan, is the city’s entrepreneurial and creative hub.

01Suit, shirt, tie, sunglasses and shoes: Thom Browne
02Three-piece suit: Heirloom by Billy Reid
Tie: Dominic Louis
Shirt: Siki Im
03Netted short sleeve pullover polo shirt: Z Zegna
Slim-fitted jean: John Varvatos
Belt: Z Zegna
Watch: Burberry
04Striped short sleeve pullover polo shirt: Shipley & Halmos
Blazer: Carlos Campos
Trousers: Paul Smith
05Wallet: Shipley & Halmos
Watch: Burberry
06 – 08Linen blazer: Joseph Abboud
Polo shirt: Shipley & Halmos
09Blazer and dress shirt: DeFursac
Tie: Billy Reid
Jeans and socks: Shipley & Halmos
Shoes: Z Zegna
10Blazer with leather sleeves: Paul Smith
Short-sleeve pullover: Timo Weiland
Denim jeans: Simon Spurr
11Cardigan sweater: Shipley & Halmos
Trousers: Paul Smith
Loafers: Billy Reid
Bag: Joseph Abboud
Watch: Burberry
12Blazer: Simon Spurr
Turtleneck: Acne Studios
Trousers and wallet with pen and notebook: Shipley & Halmos
13Three-piece suit: Heirloom by Billy Reid
Shoes: Paul Smith
Trench coat: John Varvatos
Travel bag: Louis Vuitton
14Trench coat: John Varvatos

Photography: Minh Ngo

Art direction: Martin Perry

Styling: John Tan

Grooming: Dennis Fei

Model: Eric Thai

Shot on location at the Chatwal Hotel, NYC

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