The Sarojin Khao Lak Resort:
Rainforest romance


We’re not suggesting it’s easy taking your eyes off your other half on a honeymoon, but Thailand’s Sarojin Khao Lak Resort keeps newlyweds so busy with its latest experience, you’ll do just fine. With the ‘Adventuremoon Package’, the five-star address tucked away in a private corner on the beach-lined edge of Khao Sok National Park has launched a six-night romantic escape adventure couples will want to put a ring on. The thrill-seekers we are, we had to go and see it for ourselves, bringing our partner along for the ride – honeymoon or not.

One thing must be understood when booking a room at the Sarojin: it’s an impossibly groomed property marrying modern amenities with traditionally Thai design touches and most travellers would be happy ever after staying on site and savouring the hotel’s manifold luxuries. But this being OutThere, we’d brought our trekking shoes and waved goodbye to our Jacuzzi Pool Suite (mind you, only temporarily) to take to the forest trails of the adjoining national park on our first day.

We didn’t spot the otherworldly-looking, giant Rafflesia Arnoldii flower whose sight we were utterly amazed by on a previous trip to Malaysian Borneo, though real jungle-explorer thrills ran down our spine as we stumbled upon elephant excrements our guide quickly deemed less than 24 hours old (if ever you’ve encountered a wild elephant in their territory, you’ll know why seeing their droppings is, well, let’s say ‘exciting’).

The following days were filled with experiential kicks ranging from white-water rafting and longtail boat excursions to an intimate ceremony at the local temple, during which monks bestowed a series of spiritual blessings upon us; an uplifting and immersive rite sure to set the mood and cast a magical spell as lovebirds relax for the second, more wellness-driven part of the experience. We could hardly get our partner off the massage table from this point onwards, though a stunning, private dining experience of Michelin standard by a nearby waterfall eventually did the trick. Love really does go through the stomach.

Photography courtesy of the Sarojin Khao Lak Resort

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