Chiang Mai, Thailand


Anyone can cultivate a holiday tan in Thailand’s capital of cool and show it off in a plain white t-shirt. But we brought a few more outfits.

01Linen trousers and socks: Hugo Boss
Pullover and pen: Dunhill
Suede wingtip boots: TOD’S
02Linen shirt: Again & Again
Panama hat: Borsalino
03Linen shirt and jacket: Issue
Linen trousers: Again & Again
04Linen shirt and trousers: Again & Again
05Linen shirt, linen trousers and jacket with pocket embroidered patch: Issue
06Linen trousers: Issue
Orion Rosé watch: Nomos Glashutte
14-year-old alligator duffle bag: CO-KO
07Linen shirt: Again & Again
08Linen shirts & trousers: Again & Again
Panama hat: Borsalino
09Linen shirt and jacket: Issue

Photography: David Edwards

Styling: Atinan Nitisunthonkul

Art direction: Martin Perry

Model: Rod Mabin

Shot on location at Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand