Ever keen to stay ahead of the game and surprise its guests, the Ritz-Carlton Toronto has launched a coffee menu that boasts Black Ivory Coffee, a delicacy currently taking Asian millionaires’ palates by storm. The coffee is the world’s rarest, brewed from Thai arabica coffee-cherries naturally refined (that is, fed to and pooped out) by local elephants. It’s offered exclusively to just a handful of five-star hotels globally and the Ritz-Carlton Toronto is the first in North America to serve it. We tasted hints of chocolate, malt and spice (not to mention a soupçon of grass, of course) and noted that it lacked the burnt or bitter taste of a regular, roasted brew. Each purchase supports the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, as well as the families who care for these majestic beasts. 

www.ritzcarlton.com / www.blackivorycoffee.com

Photography courtesy of Black Ivory Coffee