Travel inspiration

Land cruise, Canada

Land cruise

It’s like I’m floating through a leafy nebula. Colours are whisking by in blurry comets: reds, oranges and hazy yellows. I have a 360-d...
Vancouver, Canada

Expanding horizons
Vancouver, Canada

I don’t jog. It reminds me of the punishing cross country runs that I was forced to do at school. Cold air stinging your windpipe, frozen ba...
Toronto for foodies

Food for thought
Toronto, Canada

What exactly is Canadian food? It’s hard to get past the stereotypes of crispy bacon and maple syrup – after that I’m stumped when it comes ...
Martin Perry's Vancouver

Ahead of the couve
Vancouver, Canada

As the patchwork of small islands that form the coast surrounding Vancouver slowly dissolve behind the clouds, my heart grows a little heavy...
Rainbow Street Art, Montreal, Canada

Taking Pride
Montreal, Canada

About a decade ago, a friend handed me a DVD of a Canadian gay movie, 'Mambo Italiano', charting the adventures of a young gay Italian man t...

Hotels & resorts

Bisha Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Bisha Hotel
Toronto, Canada

T.O., as it is affectionately known, may not immediately spring to mind as a hit-list honeymoon destination. But if you love thriving, yet ...
Via Rail, Canada

Via Rail

We love travelling by luxury train. There’s just something so ultimately romantic about gliding through rugged countryside in absolute comf...

Shangri-La, Vancouver, Canada

The Shangri-La’s location, just a couple of blocks from Vancouver Harbour in the luxury shopping district, makes this a very convenient base...
Loden, Vancouver, Canada

The Loden, Vancouver, Canada

The Loden offers a high-spec, premium experience, with relatively large rooms for a downtown hotel. The classic, mid-20th century design cre...

Shangri-La, Toronto, Canada

Sited in the heart of downtown, within walking distance of the city’s financial hub, shops and major attractions, the Shangri-La Toronto con...
Four Seasons Toronto

Four Seasons, Toronto, Canada

You wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from the Four Seasons’ flagship property – after all, this haute-hotel brand is headquarte...
Opus Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Opus Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

Genuinely welcoming check-in staff, a convenient location close to transport links, a well-designed, personalised room with considered flour...
Windsor Arms, Toronto, Canada

Windsor Arms, Toronto, Canada

It was hard to picture a place called the Windsor Arms in downtown Toronto. We had visions of clashing sabres, armour and bar wenches, but w...