Manila’s social royalty has, since 1976 been using the Peninsula as their ultimate go-to. Even in today’s contemporary Manila, where hip, urban chic is very much in demand, you’ll find locals and visitors from the worlds of fashion, art, financial services and politics intermixing in the hotel’s public spaces. The hotel is a true benchmark for luxury hoteling and it’s easy to see why – beyond the lobby our Deluxe Suite was an enormous and opulent – yet sublimely comfortable – play space, decked in neutral tones and bathed in natural light – the perfect OutThere/ Travel field office. Our sneak peak of the hotel’s helipad was quite a treat (we used it as a location for our fashion shoot) and we understood what it must feel like to be a world leader arriving at this property by air – but more than that, standing in the middle of it with no barrier around the flat roof that melted like an infinity pool into the Manila skyline, we really felt at one with the city here. A must-mention is the hotel’s team, whose service is unrivalled. If you do feel inclined to leave the property, take them up on a Peninsula Academy adventure. We guarantee you’ll love it.