The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

The Farm at San Benito:
Asia’s new ultimate getaway


The Philippines is a tropical island nation of much beauty and culture, so it’s easy to see why it ranks among Asia’s most beloved destinations. We first visited way back when we worked on our Modern Manila Issue and just when we thought it wasn’t possible to grow even fonder of the country, we get some news that could prove us wrong.

While we appreciate the bayside capital for its very own charm, we also adore the many getaways within easy reach that offer holistic experiences for travellers looking to completely zone out. Seasoned OutThere travellers may think that we mean the beautiful paradises of Palawan or Boracay, but in fact, there’s a great eco-luxury resort just south of Metro Manila that can be reached in less than two hours by car.

Nestled in the verdant jungle outside the city of Lipa, lies The Farm at San Benito, a haven of wellness with a focus on science-based treatments aimed at nurturing the body and sustaining optimal health. Disease prevention and healing procedures are both on offer here but trust us when we say a stay at The Farm is far from a hospital visit!

Whether you indulge in the delicious, plant-based cuisine of the resort’s award-winning restaurants or feed the soul practicing yoga in the hotel’s tranquil gardens, The Farm is said to offer a premium experience for mindful travellers with a soft spot for the experiential. To top things off, its spa has developed a sophisticated wellness program combining flotation therapy, steam baths, an infrared sauna and other treatments – talk about relaxation with a philosophy!

Photography courtesy of The Farm at San Benito

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