Sited in one of the capital’s most historically rich areas, this gem of a guest house is probably one of London’s best kept secrets, just a stone’s throw away from where monarchs quite literally lost their heads in the Tower of London. Stepping inside this beautifully restored, 18thcentury inn, one cannot help but feel the sense of all the past events that must have taken place in this very property. But that’s not to say that it is in some way out of step with modern hospitality. The horse-hair filled mattresses where drunken sailors may once have laid their heads have long been replaced with luxurious, king-size, four poster beds fit for an admiral, complete with en suite bathrooms to match.

Despite its proximity to the City of London, the Cable Street Inn is surprisingly quiet. Factor in the fact that it is within very easy reach of City Airport and with links to the whole of London, it’s a great base to explore the capital and come back to relax in comfortable, understated luxury.

Julian and Jean believe that their guests should feel as comfortable as they would be in their very own homes and give them as much space as possible to do so. But by living on site, they are always on hand to offer some travel advice or impart some fascinating nugget of local history – like the fact that the inn once played host to the notorious Ronnie and Reggie Kray and quite possibly Oscar Wilde too.