Today, the #Experientialist’s mind wanders over to Cartagena, Colombia to the beautiful island of Tierra Bomba, a little piece of the Caribbean that’s part of the Latin American country. Blue Apple Beach House – a private hideaway that’s a fusion of vibrant, local culture and an Ibiza ‘heyday’ club-land vibe – is now available as an amazing private house party venue for up to 20 guests. You’ll just need to choose which of your friends will stay in the beach house and which get to experience the private cabanas spread out across the club.

It’s looks like an utterly sublime, buy-out experience, with two and half staff per guest to cater to their every whim. And beyond the revelry you’ll enjoy as a group, there’s scuba diving, yoga and horseriding even – as well as outdoor cinema nights under the stars if you’ve had enough (is that even possible?) of partying.

The price? A week for 20 people on a bed and breakfast basis is a rather reasonable £35,000 / $45,000. A steal.

Photography courtesy of Blue Apple Beach