Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Florida Keys & Key West, Florida, USA

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa:
Unlocking paradise


Earlier this year when we launched our travel trends report, we identified that OutThere travellers have a distinct interest in private island escapes. So to fuel your wanderlusts, we’ve been checking in with some of our favourites “Privisles” (we made that up) around the world. We’ll never forget drooling over our editor’s stay at Bawah Reserve – yes we’re still going on about it – but we’ve happened upon somewhere in a sunshiny part of the USA that we know you’ll just love.

This four-acre island off Little Torch Key in the Lower Florida Keys, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is just large enough to be home to a great deal of experiential luxury – and nothing else at all. If you’ve come to marvel at streets and skyscrapers, you’ll be disappointed. For everyone else, the islet is as heavenly as the Florida Keys will get.

Even arriving feels special: seaplanes and boats (why of course you may bring your own!) are in place to deal with the daily comings and goings of visitors. Though there won’t be many, as the resort’s thirty adult-only bungalow suites house no more than sixty individual guests at any one time, making Little Palm the ideal escape from or extension to a trip to Miami – we can’t be the only ones in need of some R&R after Art Basel?

Upping the luxe-factor from the thatched-roof lodgings featuring British-style interiors and private sundecks even further are two 1,020-square foot Island Premier suites, ready with a romantic fire pit and four-poster bed each. Honeymoon in the Keys, anyone? |

Photography courtesy of Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

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