Palihouse, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Photography courtesy of Palihouse West Hollywood

Palihouse West Hollywood
West Hollywood, California, USA

The first time we stayed here, some six years ago, the service was so bad it became our benchmark for how not to run a hotel. On our arrival, the front-desk staff watched us blankly as we struggled down the stairs with our luggage, then busied themselves with their phones while we waited patiently for some kind of acknowledgment of our existence. So it was with more than a little reservation that we agreed to give Palihouse West Hollywood another go.

Thankfully, this time our welcome was a world away: a friendly chatty receptionist rushed to help us carry our bag, then gave us his full attention, explaining the layout of the hotel and apologising for the fact that the communal areas would be rather busier than usual, as a wedding was taking place during our stay. Our huge loft apartment of a room, with a Mid-Century American look, was more than adequate for our stay and we genuinely felt like a local for the few days we were there, popping in and out between meetings and watching the interesting late-night comings and goings of the somewhat savoury guests of the motel across the street.

The location on Holloway Drive is perfect for exploring West Hollywood by foot, but when we were feeling lazy we jumped on the free-and-fun Pickup shuttle bus that runs along Santa Monica Boulevard between Robertson and La Brea on weekend evenings.

Photography courtesy of Palihouse West Hollywood