The Norman
Tel Aviv, Israel

Arguably Tel Aviv’s most talked-about hotel, this five-star, heritage boutique matches roaring 1920s sophistication and elegance with a contemporary brand of interior-design prowess. Every room – both in its common areas and suites – is magnificent, oozing in luxury and providing a real wow factor to our stay. And if that’s not enough, the hotel’s location is everything, situated at the heart of all the action.

Its facilities are also impressive. The Library Bar had us rub shoulders with the ‘who’s who’ of the city, although our expectations of service here were far from met, with its albeit beautiful servers looking more like they were part of a fashion shoot rather than being functional. There’s a somewhat Los Angeles scene quality to it all, so we suppose the aloofness of the staff comes with the territory.

If Tel Aviv is all about the rooftop, then the one at the Norman rates highly with a beautiful infinity pool and a Japanese restaurant. For those looking to escape the hustle, there’s a tranquil spot in the hotel garden, but nowhere offered a step into a pure oasis of calm as much as our gorgeous suite.