Legendary London, London, United Kingdom

Legendary London
London, United Kingdom

Photography by David Edwards Styling by David Hawkins at Frank Agency Creative direction by Martin Perry Model Robert Knighton at Next Management Grooming by Br...
The cultured state, Illinois, USA

The cultured state
Illinois, USA

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Meghan Castellari at Ford Artists Model: Clint Barnard at Factor Chosen Chicago Shot on location in Ill...
Son of the sun, Lake Como, Italy

Son of the sun
Lake Como, Italy

Photography by David Edwards Styling by David Hawkins at Frank Agency Creative direction by Martin Perry Model Stefano Maderna at I Love Models Management, Mila...
Marrakech, Morocco

The spice is right
Marrakech, Morocco

Authentic, Moroccan home-cooking is hard to find in touristy Marrakech unless you’ve got some good, insider knowledge. My waiter slaps a bowl of fie...
Tom Kiely, West Hollywood, California, USA

Tom Kiely
West Hollywood, California, USA

There’s no better way to connect with a new place than by talking to the locals and when those locals also happen to head up the Tourism Board, you know you ar...
Jaime Trias, Mallorca, Spain

Jaime Trias
Mallorca, Spain

As an LGBT+ person, Mallorca is a surprisingly great place to live. Even though it’s a small island, the people here are actually very open-minded and it reall...

John Duran
West Hollywood, California, USA

The Mayor of West Hollywood, ‘Call me John’ Duran’s opening gambit to me goes a little something like this: “Welcome from the people of the City of West Hollyw...

Outside the box
Akko, Israel

Uri Jeremiah, the celebrity restauranteur and hotelier credited with bringing a new level of sophistication to the living museum that is the city of Akko, says ...

Unity Temple
Oak Park, Illinois

As a designer I’m a sucker for good design. I also love Modernist architecture. So here in Chicago, I’m - in a very real sense - spoilt for choice. This is my f...

Homecoming Queen
Madrid, Spain

Madrid is my hometown, but I don’t spend as much time here as I should. It’s been five minutes since I landed in Barajas and already the smell gets to me – I’m ...
La dulce vida, Madrid, Spain

La dulce vida
Madrid, Spain

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Manuel Contardo Grooming by Eugenia Gerasimova Model: Nahuel Casares at Uno Models Shot on location in ...
Cazador, Madrid

Osama Chami & Enrique Gimeno
Madrid, Spain

In an unassuming street in the middle of Malasaña, Madrid’s bohemian barrio, an old lady peers through the shutters of her first floor apartment in a quaint, 19...
The traveller, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The traveller
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photography by David Edwards Styling by Atinan Nitisunthonkul Creative Direction by Martin Perry Model Rod Mabin Shot on location at Dhara D...

Stevie Hanley
Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I’m a real irritable asshole; I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t share a studio space with anyone else. I need to masturbate; I need to do crazy things...
Manila, Philippines

Manila magic
Manila, Philippines

Photography by BJ PASCUAL Styling by NOEL MANAPAT Creative Direction by MARTIN PERRY Model JAKE MACAPAGAL Grooming by OMAR ERMITA Photographer’s assistants DAM...
The gay gaucho, Corrientes, Argentina

The gay gaucho
Corrientes, Argentina

Hugh MacDermott’s escape to Argentina from England was epic. Inspired by the book Tschiffely’s Ride, the story of one long-rider’s 10,000 mile journey from ...
Water boys, London, United Kingdom

Water boys
London, United Kingdom

Photography by Nicholas Andrews Styling by David Hawkins at Frank Agency Grooming by Giles Gooden Models Gareth Taylor & Stephen Falck Shot o...

Heart of Illinois
Galena, Illinois, USA

We were both born in the Midwest and though we’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the country, we can’t think of any better place to live in than Galen...

State of a fair
Springfield, Illinois, USA

The Illinois State Fair is very much a part of the State’s identity – an authentic, annual celebration of rural Midwestern culture. As a child growing up in Ill...
Sababa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Natalie Czyzyk Model: Chen Jerbi, Passion Management Grooming by May Lee Shop the brands: Armani Ba...
Neuromancer, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Photography Apichart Chichulla Styling Pop Kampol Grooming Jnadhip Phimpthong Digital Image Pitakchat Keawbanyang Photographer's Assistants Somprat Arreruk ...
Narcissus lost, B.C., Canada

Narcissus lost
B.C., Canada

Photography and Art Direction by Martin Perry Styling by Tony Vous Model: Tristan Ghostkeeper Grooming by Thom Robins Shot on location in British Columbia, Cana...

The Overview Effect

It is New Year’s Eve and I am deep in the middle of a scopolamine disco nap. I had put the anti-nausea patch behind my ear when we sailed past Cape Horn, headed...

Turning Fortunes
Galena, Illinois, USA

Everyone has heard of Chicago. The mere mention of the city conjures pictures of monolithic skyscrapers, gargantuan civic buildings, iconic overhead railway lin...

Art & minds
Madrid, Spain

As an old travelling soul, I thumbed through many a paperback guidebook on Madrid before coming to the Spanish capital. Every single one lists Madrid’s ‘Golden ...

Colonial chic
Chantaburi, Thailand

Just inland from Thailand’s East coast, Chantaburi is best known for its sapphires. In days gone by, this prosperous town was the haven for Chinese merchants, I...
Koh Kradan

Offshore luxury
Koh Kradan, Thailand

Is a beautiful white sand beach, shared with quite literally no one else just the ticket? Well, let us tell you about Koh Kradan. It’s quite possibly one of the...
Supanniga Cruise

GastRo cruising
Bangkok, Thailand

To experience Bangkok is to ride the mighty Chao Phraya River. There are a number of cruise operators offering dining experiences of all kinds on the river, but...

Horse play
Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is no doubt that Argentina and polo go hand in hand. It’s a peculiar thing really, considering the country’s Spanish history, a world away from the green ...

Hugh McDermott
Bariloche, Argentina

Hugh is often called Argentina’s gay gaucho, having spent many years traversing the country by horse. Together with his husband, he runs adventure tour company,...
Dead Sea, Israel

Floating history
Dead Sea, Israel

On the eastern edge of the Judaean desert, the gigantic temple of Masada sits baking in the oppressive heat. It’s the kind of heat that sends you scurrying for ...

BJ Pascual
Manila, The Philippines

At just 27, Filipino photographer BJ Pascual is already one of Manila’s biggest names. He’s the city’s go-to celebrity fashion photographer whose work has featu...

Children of the revolution, Madrid, Spain

The change that Madrid has undergone over the last few decades is evident in its trendy facades of Malasaña. Some call it gentrification and while I can’t deny ...

Jake Macapagal
Manila, The Philippines

Like a fine wine, Romano “Jake” Macapagal has reached his prime with maturity. He was recently nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Theatre Arts) ...
Photograph by Martin Perry

Alberto Manguel
Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you walked past Señor Alberto Manguel in the street in London, you could mistake him for the most English of gentlemen. A handsome, distinguished man in his ...
Manila Intramuros

Walk this way
Manila, The Phillipines

I grew up with Imelda Marcos. Well, not literally – but in my young, gay, Asian eyes she was legendary. It wasn’t until I was older that I understood it was the...