Travel Inspiration

Paradise found
Transcoso, Brazil

One of Brazil's best-kept secrets is a little outpost in Bahia called Trancoso. Martin Perry travels there to explore its past, present and future. ...
Marrakech, Morocco

The spice is right
Marrakech, Morocco

Authentic, Moroccan home-cooking is hard to find in touristy Marrakech unless you’ve got some good, insider knowledge. My waiter slaps a bowl of fie...
Akko, Israel

Outside the box
Akko, Israel

Uwern Jong discovers a different side to Israel in a city that is its best-kept secret. Uri Jeremiah, the celebrity restauranteur and hotelier credi...
District VIII, Budapest, Hungary

The new tolerated?
Budapest, Hungary

Half palatial splendour, half crumbling ghetto, Budapest’s District VIII is home to a network of grassroots venues that provide social spaces, entertainmen...

Unity Temple
Oak Park, Illinois, USA

We get spiritual about architecture in Illinois after visiting the lovingly-restored Unity Temple, a Frank Lloyd Wright edifice in Oak Park. As a de...
Borja Pena, Madrid, Spain

Homecoming Queen
Madrid, Spain

Having given up Madrid for London, Borja Pena returns to take us around the city he remembers as a child. Madrid is my hometown, but I don’t spend a...
The gay gaucho, Corrientes, Argentina

The gay gaucho
Corrientes, Argentina

On the eastern shore of the Paraná River in the province of Corrientes, Uwern Jong rides with Argentina's Irish cowboy. Hugh MacDermott’s escape to ...

The Overview Effect

Adventurer Clark Harding returns to the 'Great White Continent' of Antarctica and gets conservative, but in all the right ways. It is New Year’s Eve...
Galena, Illinois, USA

Turning fortunes
Galena, Illinois, USA

Martin Perry delves deep into the history of the Midwest's lesser-known outpost of Galena. Everyone has heard of Chicago. The mere mention of the ci...
Tel Aviv, Israel

Snapshots of the city
Tel Aviv, Israel

Martin Perry spends a day with his camera in one of the world’s most photogenic cities – Tel Aviv – as Uwern Jong muses about the Israeli metropolis. ...
Madrid, Spain

Art and minds
Madrid, Spain

From its very own creative minds to the city's renowned institutions, Madrid has long been a world capital for contemporary art. Uwern Jong explores why. ...

Horse play
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Uwern Jong tries polo at one of Argentina's flagship Estancias. There is no doubt that Argentina and polo go hand in hand. It’s a peculiar thing rea...
Dead Sea, Israel

Floating history
Dead Sea, Israel

Zack Cahill checks off a bucket-list experience at the lowest point on earth and learns a thing or two about Israeli history in the process. On the ...

Walk this way
Manila, The Phillipines

If the walls of Manila's famous Intramuros could talk, Uwern Jong would listen. On a tour through the area, he learns about the Filippino capital's psyche....
Penang, Malaysia

The new guests
Penang, Malaysia

Uwern Jong tells the story of his family's immigration to Penang and why he feels firmly rooted in its heritage. All the best stories involve intrig...
Shop Hop BA

Secret shopper
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Uwern Jong goes on a shop hop in the Argentinian capital. Shopping in Buenos Aires has always come high on my to-do list. That probably goes for eve...
Hua Hin, Thailand

Grape day out
Hua Hin, Thailand

Uwern Jong stumbles upon something he least expected in Thailand's rolling Hua Hin Hills. I’m one of the most open-minded people I know – yet I find...
Iguazu, Argentina

Water park
Iguazú, Argentina

Uwern Jong makes a bucket-list journey to the majestic cascades of Iguazú, Argentina. An auspicious occasion brought me here and helped me check som...
Ralf Obergfell

Beating of the wave
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Photographer Ralf Obergfell reflects on surviving the tsunami of 2004 and on how the experience has come to inform his art. I was out in the Andaman...
Madrid, Spain

Earthly delight
Madrid, Spain

Uwern Jong uncovers the recent social history of the Spanish capital to understand what makes it so proud. The central panel of Bosch’s triptych, en...
Balloon over Bagan

A new dawn
Bagan to Mandalay, Myanmar

Martin Perry visits Myanmar on the eve of a new and hopefully positive era in this beautiful country's tempestuous history. It’s 4:30am. It’s dark b...
WildCatter Ranch

Howdy cowboy
Graham, Texas, USA

Zach Cahill rides off to a ranch, deep in the heart of Texas, and learns about humans – as well as cows. A jagged scar runs through a town called Co...
Seoul, South Korea

Seoul food
Seoul, South Korea

Leo Morgan draws parallels between the spirit of South Korea's capital and its illustrious cuisine. It was a meeting of minds, to join Joe McPherson...
Athens, Greece

Greek love
Athens, Greece

Zack Cahill walks the city where gay was invented: the one and only Athens. The 2006 movie 300 – an explosion of CGI bloodshed and homoeroticism set...
Venice, Italy

Time to travel
Venice, Italy

Martin Perry travels to Venice for Italy's most famous art festival, making a discovery or two along the way. It’s a dark, moonless night, but that ...
Paris Koutsikos Athens

Art and optimism
Athens, Greece

Much of Western civilisation was born in Greece. On a visit to the eastern Mediterranean country, Zack Cahill gets down and arty in its capital, Athens. ...
Attica, Athens, Greece

Dionysian legacy
Athens, Greece

Uwern Jong experiences the wines of Attica – one glass after another. Like almost all Athenian stories, this one inevitably starts with some mytholo...

Amazing race
Salta, Argentina

Zack Cahill races through history in the beautiful and provincial capital of Salta in Argentina's mountainous north. I’m doing thirty on a moped, we...

Kyoto rules
Kyoto, Japan

Uwern Jong considers why a Kyoto temple can be progressive on its stance on same-gender marriage. As we descended from the charming speakeasy in Gio...
Hong Kong, China

Ink credible
Hong Kong, China

On a journey to Hong Kong, Uwern Jong finds the ultimate tattoo inspiration. Sometimes in life, you travel to places for a larger reason, unbeknowns...
Filipino Lechon

Manila, Philippines

Lawrence Ferber eats it all in foodie-centric Manila. Anu’Man Kitchen & Pub is a cute and relatively new bar and restaurant in Manila’s Kapitoly...
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia, Uwern Jong

Dalmatia 101
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Jetting off to Croatia's most popular destinations – Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar, Uwern Jong discovers what makes the eastern Mediterranean country the gem i...
Railay, Thailand

It’s the climb
Railay, Thailand

Zack Cahill gets a dopamine hit with every lift, scaling the sacred walls of Railay. Stepping off the plane into the midday heat of Krabi was l...
Toronto, Canada

Food for thought
Toronto, Canada

No trip to Canada is complete without a taste of the country's many flavours – Martin Perry samples the delights of Toronto's culinary cultures. Wha...

Take a hike
Bariloche, Argentina

Steven Nguyen goes walking in the glacial landscape of Patagonia. I blinked hard and rubbed my eyes. I had just woken from a cat nap in the car just...