Borja Pena by Cathal o'Brien

Streets of London
London, United Kingdom

I love London. Come on, I left one of the world’s most thriving cities, Madrid, to come here. Well OK, saying I ‘left’ Madrid is underselling the story of my pa...
Rainbow Street Art, Montreal, Canada

Taking Pride
Montreal, Canada

About a decade ago, a friend handed me a DVD of a Canadian gay movie, 'Mambo Italiano', charting the adventures of a young gay Italian man trying to break tradi...

Queen of the bush
Kruger, South Africa

Singita Lebombo came highly recommended by a dear friend. His words ring through my head as I transit in JoBurg, not sure what to expect. All would come clear t...
Tree Hotel, Harrads near Lulea

Come to light
Swedish Lapland, Sweden

Swedish Lapland is one of the planet’s most magical destinations – and it is beautiful all year round. It is easily the most gay-welcoming place in the world to...
Parlans, SoFo, Sodemalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Fika date
Stockholm, Sweden

There are two things I love that I know are bad for me when in abundance. Ok, you got me, there are more than just two things; but in this particular case, I’m ...
Long Boating in Phuket, Thailand

Going Afloat
Phuket, Thailand

At a certain point during my family’s annual vacation at the beach, my professorial father would grow weary of body-surfing the waves with his three hyperactive...
Jakkai Siributr

Artistic Thai
Jakkai Sitibutr

Jakkai Siributr is one of Thailand's most notable artists. He lives between Thai art’s spiritual home of Chiang Mai and the contemporary scene in Bangkok, worki...