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Schloss Elmau, Bavarian Alps, Germany

Schloss Elmau
Bavarian Alps, Germany

A short half-hour drive from Innsbruck, nestled at the foot of the majestic Bavarian Alps, Schloss Elmau sits in a stunning valley with flowing rivers, snow-ca...
Bavaria, Germany

Viel the love
Bavaria, Germany

On a mission to put his fondness for alcoholidays behind him, Zack Cahill goes on a rock-star yoga retreat in Germany and discovers the inestimable joy of ...
David Ankli, Budapest, Hungary

David Ankli
Budapest, Hungary

I was born in eastern Hungary, but my family moved to Budapest when I was six, so I consider myself a native Budapester.  My business partner Márto...

The other China
Taipei, Taiwan

Intrigued by Taiwan’s growing reputation for being overlooked and underrated, Zack Cahill sets out to see it for himself and finds this island-nation full ...
Desert modern, Palm Springs, USA

Desert modern
Palm Springs, USA

Palm Springs is the soothing, sun-drenched Yin to Vegas’ hedonistic Yang. I learnt that while it has only relatively recently become a global tourist destinat...

Puro Hotel Palma
Mallorca, Spain

This elegant 18th-century townhouse positions itself as a ‘well-being oasis’ and the narrow, pedestrianised street it sits on certainly offered us some wel...

Reykjavik, Iceland

Even in a town as walkable and easy to get around as Reykjavik, Iceland’s largest hotel, the stylish Fosshotel, is ideally situated. Towering above the other b...

A path to happiness

Along Iceland's Laugavegur Trail, the accommodation is sparse and basic and the tracks themselves are tough, but it's here that Zack Cahill discovers the t...

Ido Cohen
Tel Aviv, Israel

Ido Cohen is a man who knows people. A walk along the tree-lined boulevards of Tel Aviv is punctuated by passers-by shaking his hand, slapping him on the back, ...

Alexander Hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel

The Alexander is a wonderful, urban design property just a short walk from the seafront. The seven-floor property, set back from the beach, has spacious and wel...

Mamilla Hotel
Jerusalem, Israel

In contrast to the rich, ancient-world, old-fashioned aesthetic of Jerusalem, the Mamilla offers contemporary designer digs, set right in the city’s historic co...

Intercontinental David
Tel Aviv, Israel

Everything about the Intercontinental David is big. We couldn’t help but notice this when we checked in, along with a reassuring sense of old world grandeur and...

Market House
Jaffa, Israel

If you’re looking for a bit of a taste of old-world Jaffa, then Atlas Hotel’s Market House has it all, set in a restored Ottoman Empire building in the very epi...

American Colony Hotel
Jerusalem, Israel

We loved this tranquil, somewhat romantic, movie-esque, colonial-era property, complete with lush gardens and enormous rooms, located just outside the old city....

Herods Dead Sea Resort
Ein Bokek, Israel

The Herods is a large, sprawling, 223-room luxury resort property fronting a beautiful Dead Sea beach (private to the hotel) with views of the imposing Mount So...
Almyra Cyprus

Almyra Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus

The historic town of Paphos boasts a vast array of historical sites to explore, but when it comes to luxury hotels, the Almyra is really the only game in town. ...
Hoxton Holborn

Hoxton Holborn, London, UK

If WeWork had a hotel, this would be it. After all, the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn takes its name from the site of the now global brand’s first hotel, in London’s ...
Dead Sea, Israel

Floating history
Dead Sea, Israel

On the eastern edge of the Judaean desert, the gigantic temple of Masada sits baking in the oppressive heat. It’s the kind of heat that sends you scurrying for ...
WildCatter Ranch

Howdy cowboy
Graham, Texas, USA

A jagged scar runs through a town called Cool, the trail of destruction left by a twister that touched down here a couple of months back. The town itself is lit...
Athens, Greece

Greek love
Athens, Greece

The 2006 movie 300 – an explosion of CGI bloodshed and homoeroticism set in ancient Greece – contains a line of dialogue that caused a minor furore at the time....
Paris Koutsikos Athens

Art and optimism
Athens, Greece

Athens, more than any city I’ve visited, is a patchwork of the old and the new. Walk up any perfectly modern side street and you’ll happen upon a chunk of the O...

On the road
Jujuy & Cafayate, Argentina

Too often these days, the journey itself is seen as the tedious bit; the no man’s land between where you are and where you want to be. But not in Argentina. Nev...

Amazing race
Salta, Argentina

I’m doing thirty on a moped, weaving through people, cars and market stalls on a narrow road. A Peruvian-American blogger is clutching onto my waist tightly as ...
Railay, Thailand

It’s the climb
Railay, Thailand

Stepping off the plane into the midday heat of Krabi was like a kick in the chest. By the time my feet hit tarmac, my previously crisp shirt look...
Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skye’s the limit
Isle of Skye, Scotland

“European railways were built for the war effort, you see. So they’re straight, efficient, orderly. Whereas, ours were built by a hodgepodge of Victorian indust...
Viceroy Palm Springs, California, USA

Viceroy Palm Springs, Palm Springs, USA

I had a perfect moment at the Viceroy. It was my birthday and I was lying there, basking on a sun lounger beside the swimming pool, a paperback on my ...
Kinloch Lodge

Kinloch Lodge, Skye, United Kingdom

The Isle of Skye has rapidly become one of the UK’s top tourist spots, with accommodation and restaurants to fit any budget. But there is clearly one jewel in t...
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA

Nowhere does big like America, and in America, nowhere does big like Vegas. You walk towards some buildings just a stone’s throw away, but fifteen minutes they’...
Zack goes to Rock Camp

Whole lotta love
Las Vegas, USA

It’s like a dream come true. What better backdrop for indulging your most insane celebrity fantasies than Las Vegas? The concept: play on stage with your rock ’...
The Grotto at the Rayavadee resort, Krabi, Thailand

The Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

My first clue that this is no ordinary resort comes when a speed-boat pulls up and a call goes out in our names. We slip through the crowded deck, feeling a hun...

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