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Mallorca, Spain

The bigger picture
Mallorca, Spain

Palma’s position as the cultural capital of the Balearics is brought vividly to life on an exclusive private tour of its many museums a...
Toni Garau, Mallorca, Spain

Toni Garau
Mallorca, Spain

Uncomfortable in his own skin, artist Toni Garau fled his native Mallorca as a troubled teenager, but it was his return to this rocky i...
Esteban Mercer Palou, Mallorca, Spain

Esteban Mercer Palou
Mallorca, Spain

I’m Mallorcan born and bred and proud of it. So were my ancestors for generations. I also consider myself a typical Mallorcan and with ever...
Jaime Trias, Mallorca, Spain

Jaime Trias
Mallorca, Spain

As an LGBT+ person, Mallorca is a surprisingly great place to live. Even though it’s a small island, the people here are actually very open...

Homecoming Queen
Madrid, Spain

Madrid is my hometown, but I don’t spend as much time here as I should. It’s been five minutes since I landed in Barajas and already the sme...

Art & minds
Madrid, Spain

As an old travelling soul, I thumbed through many a paperback guidebook on Madrid before coming to the Spanish capital. Every single one lis...
Madrid, Spain

Earthly delight
Madrid, Spain

Uwern Jong uncovers the recent social history of the Spanish capital to understand what makes it so proud. The central panel of ...

Hotels & resorts

Puro Hotel Palma
Mallorca, Spain

This elegant 18th-century townhouse positions itself as a ‘well-being oasis’ and the narrow, pedestrianised street it sits on certainly...
Cap Rocat, Cala Blava, Mallorca, Spain

Cap Rocat
Cala Blava, Mallorca, Spain

Perched enviably on the Bay of Palma, (‘away from the riff-raff’, they say), the property integrates an old military aesthetic with contemp...
Villa Magna

Villa Magna, Madrid, Spain

From outside, the building is nothing to look at, but inside, an eclectic hotel awaits. We love the contrasts of design styles, although agr...
Unico Madrid

Unico, Madrid, Spain

To say this place is palatial would be both right and wrong. The Único only has 44 rooms and suites, but is set in a 19th-century palace. th...
Totem Salamanca

Totem, Madrid, Spain

Part of a new breed of small, luxurious properties in Madrid, totem settles into a grand, 1920s building on the confluence of Salamanca’s mo...
H10 Puerta Alcala

H10 Puerta de Alcala, Madrid, Spain

On the edge of chic Salamanca, the H10 is a modern hotel that is all about its location. Art plays an important role here, with curated piec...
Principal Madrid

Principal, Madrid, Spain

This lovely hotel is tucked away just off the sleepless avenue of Gran Vía, in a stunning Spanish Renaissance-style building. the interiors ...
Only Your Atocha

Only You Atocha, Madrid, Spain

A little piece of Brooklyn in Madrid, the only You Atocha fuses both cities’ hipster vibes, creating a unique property. the building itself ...
Roommate Oscar

Roommate Oscar, Madrid, Spain

Set right in the heart of the action in Chueca, this hotel is a long-time outthere favourite. its founders are deeply involved in all that i...
Ritz Madrid

Ritz Madrid
Madrid, Spain

In 1910, the chandeliers at the Ritz Madrid went on and have not been switched off since, even throughout the Spanish Civil War. opening bac...
H10 villa de la reina

H10 Villa de la Reina, Madrid, Spain

As its name suggests, this property is fit for a queen. Set in a restored 20th century architectural gem, we couldn’t ask for a better locat...
axel barcelona

Axel Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Axel Barcelona proves that 10 years after you open, you can still be in vogue. The heaving rooftop bar is the perfect Barcelona night out an...