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Signature Elite Class:
Flying high

It's very much a first world problem, but sometimes flying commercial – even in the most luxurious of cabins with the most celebrious of carriers – can be rath...
Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Go Thai Be Free:
Back to nature

Somewhere between the skytrains of Bangkok and the sacred sites gracing the former seat of the powerful Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai, Thailand is home to no small...
Starved Rock State Park, Illinois, USA

Enjoy Illinois:
Amazing for all

From contemporary Chicago to historic Galena, Illinois is a diverse destination that embraces differences and welcomes everyone. Are you up for amaz...

NIZUC Resort & Spa:
Mayan mindfulness

On our last visit to this spellbinding escape in Cancun (read all about it here) we experienced just a little bit of their unique approach to wellbeing and wel...

Kurhaus Cademario:
A century of wellness

As they say in luxury hoteling – location, location, location. We found that the magnificent Kurhaus epitomises this luxury hotel and spa philosophy. Set ...
Photography courtesy of Enjoy Illinois

Inside Illinois:
Spirit of discovery

Illinois is a treasure trove for those with a spirit of discovery. When we visited there last year to put our Inspiring Illinois Issue together, we said that I...

We’ve got Pride

In June of 2019 New York State welcomes WorldPride, a month-long series of events celebrating the LGBTQ community and marking the 50th anniversary of the Stone...

A city for creative souls

Stockholm is one of the most inspirational cities in the world. It's no wonder that its a natural habitat for the arts, creative innovation, fashion and music....

Welcome to Stockholm:
The open city

There is no secret about my love for the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Throughout 2018 the city are inviting people from all around the world (and OutThere tra...

Puro Prestige:
The art of smoking

There has always been a relationship between cigar smoking and travel. Cigar aficionados will tell you that they do it primarily to relax, to take a quiet mome...

ME Sitges Terramar:
The big reveal

It's no secret that many OutThere travellers have a love affair with Sitges. So, it's going to be very welcome news that one of our favourite hotel brands, ME ...

Five Star Greece:
Getting Syros

So you've done Mykonos (can one seriously go each and every year?). And Santorini, albeit having risen back into jet-set fame over the last few years is bucket...

We are family

would do. In fact, like so many of us kid-free LGBTQ types, I never gave it any thought at all, unless of course it involved me gritting my teeth as a toddler ...

Visit Sweden:
Stockholm, a Proud city

Stockholm, an ever open-minded city and host to Scandinavia’s largest Pride celebrations put on quite a show this year. After all, the city is gearing up to&nb...

Preferred Hotels & Resorts:
Piste perfect

As first world problems go, picking where you’re going to spend your winter on the piste is a big one; coming just second to figuring out what you’re going to ...

Diversity is Nice

The door to the hotel room stood open, allowing passersby to see the crystal beads elaborately draped across the ceiling by artist Choi Jeong Hwa in criss-cros...
Skane Nature

Visit Sweden:
Swedish nature

If there is one thing to love about Sweden, it is its phenomenal natural wonders. The best bit, it is all pretty accessible from major cities and tourist spots...

Sound Leisure:
The sound of Yorkshire

What springs to mind when you think of Yorkshire? Rolling hills, stately homes and viking heritage perhaps. Maybe even David Hockney. But a less...
SLH Thailand OutThere

All Thai’d up

To celebrate Bangkok’s coming out of the closet (again), with the Thai capital set to host its first LGBTQ-Pride festival in over a decade, we’ve “Thai’d up” w...
Preferred Hotels and Resorts

Preferred Hotels & Resorts:
In fashion

This season's Preferred showcase collection has both the jet-set and fashionistas alike super excited. Why? Well, it’s an inherently chic and upbeat season wit...

Visit Sweden:
Designer Sweden

The Swedish design phenomenon is well known throughout the globe. The craze took the world by storm back in the 1950s, but has since developed into something u...

Preferred Hotels & Resorts:
Sweet suites

So you’ve travelled the world, stayed in the best hotels and you’re rapidly checking off the key items on your life’s bucket-list. It’s getting much harder to ...

Staying power

The downside of being a travel obsessive is that it creates a peculiar kind of tunnel vision. Your eyes are always on the furthest reaches of the map, the less...
Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria:
Capital of the Alps

Innsbruck, the capital of Austria’s Tyrol region is a true fusion of history, natural beauty and modernity. From elaborate architecture to its Nordkette mounta...
Ritz Carlton Kyoto Japan

Ritz-Carlton Kyoto:
Zen out

Easily the most luxurious hotel in the city, the Ritz Carlton Kyoto adds its own level of contemporary sophistication to the traditional Kyoto ryokan. Our suit...
Kyoto, Japan

Japanese dawn

When I checked into my hotel room at the Hotel Granvia Kyoto, a sextet of origami birds were perched in greeting on my coffee table, one in each color of the r...
Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria:
Alpine summer

Innsbruck, the capital of Austria’s Tyrol region, delivers far more than just the skiing paradise it’s best known for. In the summer months, the city and its s...